30 Jan 2015


All pictures from Pinterest*
The Long Bob, better known as the LOB. It was a style that raved through 2014 and 2015 will be no different. This is one of those classic hairstyles, sophisticated yet so simple. It's versatile, a great day or night look. Now that my hair is finally in tact again, healthy and strong I'm definitely going for this look. Happy Friday everyone! x

29 Jan 2015


Top: Mrp.com | Skirt&Shoes: Identity Clothing
Just a quick outfit post. All black, how surprising ;) Have a great day FASHIOLIEZTA's X

27 Jan 2015


Top: H&M | Skirt&Sandals: Mrp.com

Hi Guys! Here's a cute outfit I wore on Sunday for a quick cocktail I had with a friend. Hope you all are having a great week so far X

26 Jan 2015


Top: Sheinside | Skirt: Sheinside | Boots: Sheinside | Bag: Sheinside | Rings: Sheinside
Happy Monday! As you all know I  am a sucker for wearing things simple. No fuss no buss just simple, but still bring out the chic. I created a collage with some of my favourites from Sheinside (honestly, I love ALL their pieces). The look I created was simple casual and a little playful, cute for a quick lunch date. Have a great Monday everyone X

23 Jan 2015

Black on Black on Black

Top: Mrp.com | Skirt: H&M | Leather Booties: Woolworths SA
"I'll stop wearing black the day they invent a darker color" :) 

22 Jan 2015


Hat: CottonOn | Scarf: Identity Clothing | Dress: H&M
I forgot to post this look. I took it a while back and found it going through my pictures and thought I'd post it.I just love the way that these completely different prints fit well on each other. Hope you guys had a great week so far. Its almost WEEKEND!!! x

20 Jan 2015


Pics from Pinterest*
 As  you all should know by now I am a sucker for over sized clothing. I've always been in to the trend even when it wasn't a trend. As a teenager I had a little insecurity issues about a certain part of my body, my HUGE bottom, and always hid it. Even still at this moment my tops are huge, but not for insecurity reasons(thank GOD!). Now the trend is all over the place and I like it (still), because it looks good. This trend is here to stay, to me its one of those classics.Here are a few street style looks I love and will definitely be rocking. The bigger the better! X