I had the privilege to ask Canadian jewelry designer Colleen Poitras of Colleen Poitras designs a few questions about her eccentric line. The designer mixes metal leather and concrete to create her unique designs. Read what makes her different from the rest: 

How/Where did your love for designing jewelry start?
Fashion has been a big part of who I am for such a long time. Jewelry to me is an extension of clothing, which is ultimately an extension of the person wearing that clothing. I think the idea of “making” an outfit your own with the use of jewelry and accessories is what gave me the initial interest in jewellery and accessory design.
Was designing jewelry always something you wanted to do?
I have always had a love of fashion…a love of accessories, interior design. I am a very visual person which lends itself well to where I find myself. Had you asked me years ago if this is where I thought I would be, the answer would be no. I think you walk a certain path and are drawn in a specific direction. Jewelry and accessories drew me in. I am loving life!
What made you decide to use your name as your brand?
Ironically it was not my original brand. As I started to figure out where I was going with the jewellery and accessories, it became apparent that using my name allowed flexibility with what I was creating. I am not just jewellery, and I don’t have to be!
Is there a unique story behind every Colleen Poitras piece? 
There is more of a story with my photography themed pieces than any others. I envision a story with each individual photograph. This typically lends itself to the verbiage I may use. As for my other pieces, I would say not so much of a story as a vision.
Your designs are very unusual, yet a versatile wear. I love that. Why did you decide to make them in that particular way?
I am a free spirit when it comes to dressing and accessorizing. I think what you wear reflects who you are in that moment. I love unique pieces because they can take an ordinary outfit and make it something much more. Accessories should have a voice, and I feel that mine truly do!
Do you think your background or being Canadian inspires your line or where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?
I don’t think you can help but be influenced by your immediate environment in anything that you do. Inspiration for designs can come from so many different things. What I love about the time that we live in is that there is much less of a border when it comes to fashion and accessories.
What can we expect next from Colleen Poitras?
The one thing I love about design is that I can live in the moment. Sometimes I have no idea where I am going with my designs, but then it all comes together and is a true reflection of who I am. I will say that I am having such a great time with my concrete line “Grounded,” that I can’t wait to see where that takes me! My men’s cuff links are another really exciting direction for me.
Thank you to Colleen for taking out the time to do this. Her designs can be found HERE


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