If you want to get your jewellery enhanced or changed in any way, here are some things to consider before doing so. 

Jewellery remodeling can be an exciting thing. Turning the old into the new by ‘up cycling’ into more contemporary pieces can bring your jewellery back to life. It could be that you have an old item that carries deep sentimental value but you think it’s too outdated to wear. If you have never considered remodeling your earrings, bracelets, or necklaces then it’s a great way to transform your jewellery into something contemporary. 

It’s important you feel confident wearing your jewelry. After all, it’s not only for the value aspect you have shimmering rings but to make you look and feel special. So if you are seriously contemplating the remodeling process to turn your outdated pieces into something contemporary, consider these tips first.

-Take your time. Once you remodel you can’t go back. So think carefully before you change anything. 

Some people can be quick to rush into the process without carefully considering their options. It’s good to think about whether the current design of your ring complements your hand, if it suits your unique style, and if you find it easy to wear. Did you answer yes to any of those questions? If you did then you may want to stick with the current design.

It can be tempting to upgrade but if the ring has antique qualities, it can be much harder to change. Also, your fiancĂ© may have spent a lot of time and effort into finding you the perfect ring so it may be worth wearing the ring as it is for a while. It may surprise you that after a while as you get used to its unique attributes and end up loving it. If after time you still feel the same, then it’s a good point to consider getting it remodeled from places like jewelry repairs at Kalmar Antiques Australia.

-Ask your jeweler the right questions. 

As different remodeling specialists deliver different things, it’s wise to get clued up on what they can offer you. Some for example do not recycle silver as it’s more cost effective to choose a completely new metal. However, if a designer realizes your jewellery holds special value to you, they might make exceptions. It’s a good idea to go and visit your options first and bring all the pieces. That way they can tell you instantly what can be remodeled and what can’t be.

-Find a trustworthy jeweler.
This part is essential as you are leaving your prized possessions to be redesigned and taken apart by a complete stranger. You want to have peace of mind knowing your jewellery is in good hands. There are plenty of retailers and independent designers that not only make the best places to buy estate jewelry but also offer remodeling services. That means you really need to be careful who you end up choosing. It’s good to ask around and see if anyone can refer you to a reputable remodeler. If the company has a website it will be worthwhile checking their customer feedback just as an extra precaution. Getting a peek at some of their recent work is also recommended. This way you get to see whether they live up to their sales pitch. When you think you’ve found the one, they should listen intently to what you want. Understanding you are at the centre of their work means they take into account your desires and concerns. 

-Understand there are potential risks.

The risk are often minor but it’s good to be aware of them. This may be the case especially with gemstones. When they are being set by the designer, it needs pressure to push the metal over the gem. This is when there’s room for error but when you choose an expert stone setter, you can minimize the risk.


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