These stars tells us how they keep their glow with these homemade remedies:

1.     Blake Lively keeps her blonde tresses in top condition with the help of mayonnaise

2.     Sienna Miller said she turned to tomato sauce after a hair dye disaster left her with dark brunette locks. 
3.     Catherine Zeta-Jones uses strawberries to keep her teeth white, made as a puree. To maintain her glowing skin she uses apple cider vinegar which balances the skin’s natural pH levels. And beer, the beverage contains generous supplies of yeast, which is said to plump limp tresses. It is also used to help with shine in addition to boosting overall body.
4.     Halle Berry has found a way to beat lumpy skin without having to go under the knife. Halle mixes coffee granules with body wash .She say it promotes healthy blood flow and silky smooth skin. Also good as a face exfoliator used with honey.

5.     Miranda Kerr is a full proof believer of this tip: cucumber slices all over your face. The juice absorbs impurities from your skin.

6.      Honey is a great moisturiser for dry skin according to Julia Roberts. The star also uses baking soda to keep her teeth white, thanks to her grandfather.

7.     Egg whites, says Katy Perry, is good against wrinkles and make the skin firmer. Mix with almond oil and leave on for 10-15 mins

8.     Hayden Panettiere is a great fan of this treatment: lemon cloves, vinegar and water. It’s good against acne