Planning a wedding is exciting. But it's also very, very hard work. In order to navigate it, you're going to need to arm yourself with an array of tools to help you stay on track and sane. Using checklists and apps is a start, but sometimes there's nothing better than a good old-fashioned book.

1.       Loverly Wedding Planner by Kelli Khalil and The Loverly editors – A great resource for everything wedding related. The site's editors have broken down the process into three major parts (the big picture, logistics, and the big day), with great bits and advice that will help keep everything in check. This book is full of unexpected advice you won’t find in your typical wedding planner paired with inspiring real-weddings images.

2.       A Practical Wedding Planner by Meg Keene – A step-by-step guide to creating the wedding you want with the budget you’ve got. It provides useful tips and advice, but it also has many interactive lists and graphs throughout, which allow you to focus on what you really want.

3.       The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner by Amy Nebens – It’s a quick and easy guide to every part of your big day. With its DIY and money-saving approach this book takes, and it also has fun compartments to house vendor business cards and make notes. It’s kind of like your customized workbook.

4.       Never Throw Rice at A Pisces by Stacey Wolf - Never Throw Rice at A Pisces is the astrology lover’s guide to wedding planning. In it, astrologer Stacey Wolf offers insights about time of year, vows, and honeymoon planning, all geared toward your specific sign. An interesting approach to planning your wedding.

5.       Martha Stewart Weddings Ideas and Inspirations - Martha Stewart's eponymous wedding brand has been around since 1995 which makes her the bonafide OG of weddings. Her latest book offers the same tasteful aesthetic and practical advice that you'll find in the pages of her magazine, along with 300 full-colour photographs, loads of creative ideas, and tips for everything from choosing your colour palette to orchestrating the perfect honeymoon send off.

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