You can save yourself quite a lot of money when you buy diamonds and precious metal in bulk to make an item of jewellery. However, you do need to know what you are buying first, and the American Gem Society has some interesting information on their website about the grading of diamonds. Arming yourself with knowledge about diamonds before you buy can save you a considerable amount of time, as well as money.

·         The Cut

The cut of the diamond is an important consideration, and you will find that some cuts are more expensive than others. The reason for this is that some cuts create more wastage than others, so you will often pay a premium for them. There are many different styles of cut available for wholesale diamonds Sydney jewellers offer, and each one of the cuts reacts with light in a different way. Research the different cuts available and choose a style which matches your taste.

·         The Clarity

The clarity is also an important aspect of a diamond which is going to affect its value. The clearer the diamond is and the fewer imperfections, the higher the value of the stone. The clarity is also another factor which is going to affect the grade of a diamond, which in turn will affect its value. Most companies that sell wholesale diamonds will be happy to talk through all of the aspects of diamonds such as the clarity, and you may even come across some promotions in your search.

·         The Colour

The colour of a diamond is a highly important aspect, as this determines the rarity of the stone. The rarer the colour is, the higher price you will pay for it, and diamonds come in many different subtle colours. The stones which have little colour present are the most expensive ones to buy, with the cheaper end of the scale having a yellow hue to them.

·         The Carat

The carat is the weight of the diamond, so the higher the carat, the more it weighs, and the more that it will cost you to buy. When having an item of diamond jewellery made, we would all like to use the biggest stones possible, unfortunately for many of us, our budget just will not stretch that far. However, if you have done your research on the different cuts, you will be able to choose a style that creates the illusion that it is bigger than it is.

·         Finding a Diamond Wholesaler

The internet is an excellent tool at your fingertips, and with a few hits of your keyboard, you will be able to find some companies in your local area that offer to sell diamonds wholesale. As with everything else, it will pay you to shop around and speak to as many different dealers as you can, as this will help you to get the keenest price possible. You will also want to take a look at the online reputation of each company and this can be done easily by going to one of the independent review websites where people rate their experiences with different types of companies.

When you settle on a reputable and trustworthy dealer that also offers a good deal, you are ready to purchase loose diamonds and start the process of creating your bespoke piece of jewellery.